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Article - The Five Elements by Lora Stone
Lora Stone

Lora Stone

Lora Stone is a spiritual teacher and healer living in Penukonda, South India. She has studied and trained for many years with one of India’s most renowned saints, Sri Kaleshwar. She teaches ‘sacred mantra and yantra’ systems that can transform your life. This knowledge empowers each person to gain self-realization, understand their life’s purpose, and receive energy channels to connect to the highest Divine energy forever and ever.
Lora teaches regularly in the U.S., Europe and now Australia!


The Five Elements

According to the ancient Indian knowledge, the Five Elements - or the five pillars of Creation - are the building blocks of the universe. In order, the elements are: Earth, Fire, Sky, Water and Air.

Morning Sun

Planets, animals, rocks, fauna, humans, and even our thoughts are composed of the Five Elements. Every particle of Creation is made of these building blocks. How is this possible? And what does it really mean by ‘the Five Elements'?

The Five Elements encompass all that is needed to survive in this Creation. Without any one of the five, the universe would cease to exist. The Five Elements are basic, but the knowledge surrounding them runs deep. It is our job as humans to balance our individual elements and those of the planet.

When the elements are out of balance, disease, stress, violence, depression, lack of clarity, and unhappiness can occur. There are ways to balance the elements in ourselves which we will discuss as we take a look at the specific qualities of each.

When the Five Elements are in balance, we are able to function at our highest level as human beings. To create this balance, there are ancient Indian mantras - sacred vibrations - for each element, as well as practical easy-to-use techniques that we can use daily. We can learn how to build homes and create spaces in alignment with the Five Elements through the ancient Indian science of ‘Vaastu'. When we follow correct Vaastu principles, we are living physically in harmony with nature and, in turn, our lives will be filled with happiness and success. Knowledge of the Five Elements is essential in order to lead happy and healthy lives. By understanding the positive and negative aspects of each element, we can tune our minds, heart and souls to use each element in the most effective way. The first rule of thumb is that we cannot dominate the Five Elements; instead, we have to surrender to the elements and respect them.


The Earth element is the most powerful of all the elements. The Earth is our source of stability, yet a large Earthquake can destabilise us in a matter of seconds. The Earth gives and takes away just like all the elements. If there is a positive, there is a negative - that is a law of nature. However, we can align ourselves to focus on the positive qualities of each element, optimising their strengths.

The Earth has a commanding nature, and at the same time is connected with our heart. The Earth is also home to material wealth and abundance. When we are in alignment with the Earth, we feel peaceful and happy. When we chant the Earth mantras, we become relaxed because we are sending all our stress and negative feelings into the Earth. The Earth can handle this energy. The Earth not only sucks our negative energy, but also radiates positive energy back to us. When we walk in a forest or in the beautiful nature, we naturally release stress and negativity, and recharge our souls with pure nature energy. If you experience strong anxiety, walk barefoot on the Earth or hold a black river stone and consciously send your stress there.

Fire - or the sun - is the great generator for all creation to happen. The early morning sun can heal many diseases and depression. If you have east-facing windows in your home, open them at sunrise, letting in as much of the early morning light as possible.

If the sunrise rays can touch your body, you are a very lucky person!

Witnessing a sacred Fire ceremony can also bring your soul huge blessings and protection. When we chant the Fire mantra, we are purifying our body and soul from negative karmas.

The Fire can bring the highest positive energy, prosperity and fulfill our heart’s desires.



The Sky is unlimited. By chanting the Sky mantra, we can develop our 6th sense, connect to the angels and receive the highest self-healing power.

Through the Sky mantra, we can heal our addictions, heartbreak, and depression. We can make our soul like a magnet to attract the highest healing vibrations.

Through the Sky mantra, we can also connect to all of Creation because it encompasses all.

The Water element is a huge force of life. There are perfect cycles of Water flowing throughout the planet. Water is of a nurturing energy, but when out of balance, tsunamis, hurricanes, and floods can occur. When we take a bath, or go swimming, our body naturally relaxes very quickly. Water pulls out negativity, balances our emotions, and makes our minds calm and focused. Water easily holds energy. For example, if we recite the Water mantra while drinking water, the water becomes charged with the highest healing vibrations. The delicacy of nature can be observed through water’s sensitivity to people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. The Water element can be used for helping people with all types of psychiatric problems, body pains and depression.
The Air element is our most basic connection to life. Our body can only survive if we breathe. Through the air, we can receive powerful cosmic energy. Wind can be soft and gentle or wild and destructive. Generally, the winds in the high mountains are very powerful to our soul, whereas the desert winds have a negative quality. If there is no plant life, the wind can bring destructive energies. Where there is life, the winds can be healing, bringing angelic energy and light, especially to those meditating in the nature. When we have the Air element under our control, our minds are peaceful and controlled. By mastering the mind, we gain the capacity to handle all the other elements and use those energies to the best advantage. In this western world, controlling our thoughts is the most difficult thing, and yet the most important, to our well-being.

To stay balanced, it is important to spend some time every week with nature and maintain a place of inner silence. We can use the power of our thoughts and minds to heal ourselves and others. Chanting the sacred element mantras is like tuning into perfect radio frequencies, purifying our souls and opening us up to the divine rhythm of nature.

If you would like to know more about the Five Element mantras or about the ancient science of Vaastu, please visit: http://www.kaleshwar.org/en/teachings_fiveelements/vaastu

Lora Stone



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