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Worldwide Events

Renew Your Spirit


Event: Renew Your Spirit
Join us on the Greek island of Santorini for 6 fun and unforgettable days of Yoga Classes, Massage, Naturopathic Consultations, Health Workshops, Sailing to Neighboring Islands & Hot Springs, Healthy Delicious Food, and much more.
See website for pictures & all the details!
Santorini, Greek Island

Manola BioTherapy

Events: Damir Manola
BIO ENERGY HEALING - Domancic Method
The goal of our therapies is to lessen or eliminate health problems, as well as to enrich one's personality and make it more resistible. Supported with documented results both medically and scientifically. The therapist is experienced in Individual sessions, long distance sessions and group sessions.

Croatia and Worldwide
Company Name:
BIO ENERGY HEALING - Domancic Method
Worldwide Courses

Indian Head Massage School New Zealand

Courses: Indian Head Massage
Course: Practitioner Certificate in Indian Head Massage
Treatments: Indian Head Massage and a range of head to toe treatments including; foot, hand and ear reflexology and craniosacral therapy.

Various locations around New Zealand and Clinic treatments offered in Christchurch

Company Name:
Indian Head Massage New Zealand, Indian Head Massage School New Zealand

Worldwide Retreats

ONE WORLD Retreats

Retreat: ONE WORLD Retreats

One world retreats offers journeys to the source of travel and life experiences. Through yoga retreats guests from the world over have enjoyed meaningful time and shared stimulating energy with us. “Escape the World” a yoga, meditation, spa, and deeper experiences has grown to be a jewel in the world of retreats.


Company Name:
ONE WORLD Retreats

Worldwide Ayurveda

Mother of Health...

Ayurveda: Mother of Health
Ayurveda Lifestyles, Healing foods, herbs, spices, body love products and other essentials to make living a healthy Ayurvedic/Yogi lifestyle accessible.
Online & Ojai California
Company Name:
Mother of Health
Worldwide Resources

My Inspiration Lounge... 

Resource: My Inspiration Lounge

My Inspiration Lounge, Nourish your mind and body with these calming tips, quick fitness workouts, finding your inner artist and powerful health tips.

Company Name:
My Inspiration Lounge

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