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Web Interview - Being a Spirit Medium with Charmaine Wilson
Charmaine Wilson
Charmaine Wilson - Being a Spirit Medium

Though she has not been in the industry long, her achievements have been recognised by The Australian Psychics Association and she was awarded the 2005 Australian Psychic of the year for her efforts. In 2008 she was the winner of The One, a nationwide search for Australia's most gifted psychic.

She has recently started a bereaved parent counselling service and is currently adding the finishing chapters to her second book, which focuses on aiding bereaved parents. Her first book, Spirit Whispers is available now.
She has toured extensively around Australia and works on radio stations throughout regional Australia. She has started touring New Zealand and continues to tour Australia with her show Spirit Whispers.

Being a Spirit Medium

Whether you believe in Mediums and their powers or not you can’t help but be amazed by some of the results witnessed on the popular Australian TV show ‘The One’ last year. The winner of this show was decided by votes from the Australian public. Charmaine emerged victorious as the most talented medium in the country displaying a mesmerising array of spiritual abilities.   

Q. When did you know that you had a special gift and when did you decide to start assisting others with the loss of loved ones?
A. I realised I was a medium around mid 2002 and after 6 months of training with my guides advertised as a medium in the Sunday paper.

Q. How do you train to become a medium and how do you select your guides?
A. My guides have been with me for centuries (my feelings) and they trained me. I had no training from anyone but them as it was them I needed to communicate with – so what better teachers. I have never done a psychic development class with anyone living. However I found by reading about the greats, John Edward, Doris Stokes, Gordon Smith, John Holland and Sonia Choquette, also Rita Rogers and Rosemary Altea gave me an understanding on how to live in this world like a medium. The well known have the secrets and all of them are within the pages of their books – however to be a good medium you must already BE a medium in the first place.

I have not been a psychic since birth so if I was born with it I will never know. But I am natural. It is the same as singing some people can train as much as they want and never be a great singer but others never train at all and can sing beautifully. Mediums are the same. I do not believe that everyone can train to be one.

Q. Can you explain different types of mediums?
A. I am a medium which means I can communicate with the spirit world. Some people can clearly see the future, psychicsMedical intuitive can assess people’s illnesses etc and corporate psychics can tell you what decisions to make in business. Life directional psychics can look into your past to see how the present came to be and assess your choices for the future.
I can do a little of all of these but choose to only work with spirit in an effort to help alleviate the fear of death and help with the healing process after death.

Q. How do you deal with the sceptics who doubt your abilities?
They truly do not worry me. They have their reasons for being sceptic. What we do is not a definite science. Doing a reading is like putting together a big jigsaw and the pieces come randomly and a good medium can put them together and interpret them quickly. Sceptics in the true sense of the word should try and understand the above.

Q. Many of us are intuitive. Do you think by going with our gut feeling we are also actually listening to the spirits guiding us on our daily path?
A. Yes I do believe that.

Q. Can your spirit voice assist you in making decisions in your daily life? Does it give you comfort that someone is there to guide you on your path?
A. I feel I make my own decisions. My guides sometimes give me the heads up but basically my life is still a learning experience so my guides do not tell me what to do. I use my gut always. I still make mistakes and that keeps me real and reminds me that to err is human to forgive is divine.

Q. Does your gift compliment or conflict with religion in your experience and opinion?
I feel some religious organisations disprove of my gift but I do not put it in anyone’s face unless they ask so generally I have no problems there. I feel it could compliment religion. What I believe is more in line with Eastern religion though.

Q. The TV series ‘Medium’ is based on a real character – Allison DuBois. Do you feel that you can relate to the life and feelings of this character and how it is portrayed in this programme or does television distort the facts?
A. No I don't as it is all Hollywood and in truth not how she actually gets visions – in dreams I mean!

Q. Does your spirit constantly talk to you or do you need to 'tune in' via a specific method? When in a public place does it become spiritually noisy and difficult to concentrate or can you block when required?
No I tune in when I want to and tune out just as quick. I learnt to do that very early on the path.

Q. How do you 'tune in'?
A. As soon as I am ready to do a reading I am tuned in – simple as that – no special meditations just click and I am in!

Q. Have you ever felt that the urge to tell someone something about a departed loved one that you have approached a complete stranger?
Yes more so in my early days when I was unaware how intrusive that could be. I feel a psychic should always have permission to read anyone.

Q. How has ‘The One’ changed your life and how do others react now that they are aware of your ability?
A. The One has been a complete life change for me and has given me national recognition – in supermarkets everywhere – nowadays it’s not the spirits who talk to me constantly but the living.
The success of my public appearances has enabled me to counsel bereaved parents for free so it is a wonderful thing.

Q. You have a massive tour ahead in 2009 all over Australia. What can the visitors expect to experience and take away with them when going to one of your events?
My shows are funny, sad, enlightening and eye- opening. I connect to quite a few in the audience each night and everyone seems very happy afterwards.

Charmaiane Wilson

Q. When you are not assisting people, what type of leisure time activities do you enjoy?
A. Going for rides on the back of my partners Harley and playing guitar.

Q. It must be very rewarding being able to pass on messages and give a sense of relief to someone in sorrow. Can you mention some examples when the sadness has been transformed into contentment and understanding?
I truly do not know where to start with this question...here are a couple of testimonials:

"I've been to see many mediums in my life but I have never seen anyone connect as quickly and as accurately live as Charmaine.  I left the show in tears knowing how through the work she did with connecting with the audience's loved one's had turned their pain into some sort of peace"
 A.M.P Adelaide

"I attended your show in Mackay last night (20/03/09). I was blessed to be read. My mother came through. I was your last reading of the night...
I cannot say words to express my feelings at the moment. I can truely say I haven't stopped smiling. But this is not just a smile on my face its a smile from my heart as well..." (shortened testimonial)
M from Mackay

More information: www.spiritwhispers.org

Many Thanks Charmaine for taking part in this interview!

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"My gift?
Connecting the spirit
world with the living.
My calling?
To bring people out of darkness.
My passion?
Helping those coping with grief."
Charmaine Wilson
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