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Articles - Chinese Medicine & Weight Loss by Rob Lobosco
Rob Lobosco

Rob Lobosco has a Bachelor of Health Science/Traditional Chinese Medicine and Research thesis in Dietotherapy.

He practises Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Cupping and Diet Therapy and runs the Yera Health Retreat.

Rob Lobosco is sharing his personal success with Chinese Medicine Weight Loss in a 3 part article.

website: www.yerahealth.com.au

Yera Health Retreat - Mornington Peninsula Rye awarded- 2009 Australian Achiever Award - Highly Recommended in the area of Health and Fitness.

Articles on Chinese Medicine & Weight Loss by Rob Lobosco:

>> 'Balanced body and weight loss'

>> 'Fluid retention/damp and weight loss'

>> 'Increasing the kidney yang - fire in the kidneys'

Part 1 of 3 'Balanced body and weight loss'

Living in a Western society, where obesity is on the increase, there are two main things to consider:

What you are & What you eat.

In other words, in what shape are our organs in? What organs are overnourished and which organs are weak? What do we eat to correct these imbalances?

A well balanced body is crucial. It means the body is equally in shape in all respects.

Our internal organs are not always cooperative with each other meaning that when an organ is excessively strong it will weaken another organ and may even cause harm to this organ. If our organs could be equally nourished we would be very strong and healthy and slender.

Far more cases of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancers have developed due the simple fact that our bodies are overnourished but not balanced! We have overnourished our digestive system at the expense of other internal organs hence increasing the cases of heart, kidney and liver diseases.


According to Chinese Medicine the following organs are interrelated:
stomach and spleen the kidneys and bladder
kidneys and bladder the lungs and large intestine
lungs and large intestine the liver and gall bladder
liver and gall bladder the stomach and spleen.

We eat to please our mouth and stomach, rather than all the organs? Correct? But we don’t eat them because they are not pleasing to our mouth.

To stay in shape we must not select foods that satisfy our tongues and overnourish the stomach and spleen but instead include foods that balance and nourish all our organs. For example try this great recipe for a meat or vegetable sauce.

Meat or Vegetable Sauce Recipe:
Dry orange peel spleen and lungs
Star anise spleen and kidneys
Cinnamon bark liver and kidneys
Cloves stomach, spleen and kidneys
Onion lungs and stomach
Fennel kidneys, bladder and stomach
Red chilli heart and spleen
Black pepper stomach and large intestine
Nutmeg spleen and large intestine
Licorice lungs, stomach and spleen

Wrap these ingredients in a cloth and boil with water, wine, soy sauce and some sugar. You may marinate the meat (as an alternative for meat you can use tha sauce on vegetables) with this sauce, or simmer the meat in the sauce-for two hours.
Many of these ingredients are not pleasing if eaten alone, but mixed together they taste great, and virtually all the internal organs are looked after and nourished.


Soups are great for weight loss because they nourish all the organs with the many ingredients.

For example, my favorite soup is:

mushroom for weak liver
chicken for fatigue
beef weakness and anaemia
egg, fish, clam good for hypertension

You can mix all these together or you could choose to make them seperately.

Please note: Don't use stock cubes as these are full of preservatives and artificial substances which can irritate the liver and not burn fat- infact it could stagnate the liver and then the liver will not optimally cause lipolysis (breakdown of fats).

Give it a go. Remember to cook it very slow over two hours. A perfectly balanced diet will mean a balanced body and organ systems, resulting in a fit and slender you!


Rob Lobosco Yera Health Reatreat

To learn more about the Yera Health Retreat visit: www.yerahealth.com.au

Part 2 of 3 'Fluid retention/damp and weight loss'

Two body types have a tendency to become overweight: Hot Damp and Cold Damp types.
People with a damp constitution retain an excessive amount of fluid and so they feel heavy and have less energy and put on a lot of weight!
Therefore to treat overweight people, with Chinese Medicine, firstly we need to resolve this damp and make their bodies hotter and dryer.
There are four ways to do this.

1. The first is to promote urination. Eat plenty of red beans, corn, corn silk, soybeans and garlic mix, and Job’s tears to promote urination.
My favorite is to boil red beans with malt or red dates and a few garlic cloves. Eat and drink this mix as often as you can. Why not add it to a a soup.

2. The second way of ridding the body of fluid is by absorbing tissue fluids in the body. This is like using a mop on the inside of the body and drying it up. Broad beans and hyacinth beans are the best for this.

3. The third way of ridding the body of fluid is to cool the body to facilitate water passage. Otherwise it’s like trying to set fire to wet fire wood. When water and heat mix in the body food doesn’t digest. Foods with a cooling energy and bitter flavor are used to do this, such as bitter gourd and mung beans.

4. The fourth method of ridding the body of fluid and damp is by warming the body. So the person will urinate and perspire more. Foods should be warm or hot and have a pungent-sweet flavor. Eat a lot more cinammon twig, fresh ginger and orange peel.

It is important to avoid water retention and resolve the damp to stay in good shape. By doing so you will be in a better state of physical and emotional health and have more energy and get up and go!

Rob Lobosco Yera Health Reatreat

Part 3 of 3 'Increasing the kidney yang - fire in the kidneys'

Foods that are yang in nature will increase the burning fire of the kidneys- Kidney Yang.
In Chinese Medicine there are – energy tonics, blood tonics, yin (cold) tonics and yang (hot) tonics.
Now…I know you’re all going to be a little grossed out, but animal kidneys is the best kidney yang tonic to eat to promote weight loss. So a lot more of those steak and kidney dishes gals!
Did you know that animal kidneys have little fat, are easily digested and tone up the kidney functions instantly.
Now a lot of you may not like the taste. In which case try this:
Boil up the kidneys and add a little rice wine. Drain and slice them into little pieces. Then make up a sauce with ginger, green onion, green pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil and vinegar. Pour this over the ready cooked kidney and enjoy the amazing taste.
Or else you can chop the ready boiled kidneys and stir fry them with garlic, ginger and chive. Garlic, ginger and chives are great kidney yang tonics and should be used as often as you can in all your dishes to help with weight loss.
Animal liver are also just as good - as animal kidney- to increase your kidney yang energy.

For those of you that don’t like animal products, you may opt for seafood.
Shrimps are fantastic. A great way to cook them is in a wok with ginger, garlic and sesame oil.
Mussels are also a great kidney yang tonic. My favourite is cooking them with rice wine, ginger and black soy beans.

For those who don’t like any of the above, include these foods in your diet to improve your kidney yang- raspberries, walnuts, chives /chive seeds and bitter gourd seeds.

I have written these articles to help with your weight loss. This does not mean that you only follow these dietary guidelines. These are just principles of eating to help strengthen the bodies energies to naturally lower your body weight. Remember eating low fat foods and lowering your sugar, salt and carbohydrate (pasta/bread/rice) intake is essential. Also a brisk powerwalk every day will lead to a happier, slender you. Well done so far…Good luck on the rest of your journey…

Rob Lobosco Yera Health Reatreat

TheYera Health Retreat are currently running a 4 and 7 day detox programme:

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Detox programs are great to kick start the metabolism and shock the body and have proved to be an excellent way to begin weight loss programs.
Detox programs work on many different levels and with the physical detox comes a big emotional change and a shift to your attitude about the way you look at your health.

Take advantage of the Yera Health Retreat's detox programs and take your first step to better health...

To learn more about the Yera Health Retreat visit: www.yerahealth.com.au


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