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Article - BioTherapy by Charlotte Jakobsen

Charlotte Jakobsen is an experienced Biotherapist from Denmark

She introduced the treatment to Scandinavia 7 years ago having trained at the Plexus Bio Therapy Institute in Ireland with famous healers Michael O´Doherty and Tom Griffin.
She has since studied with the creator of Biotherapy Zdenko Domancic in Slovenia and is now organising courses for new therapists in Denmark and Europe.

For further information visit: www.biotherapy.dk

"A dream I have had for many years finally came true"...

I became interested in alternative treatments during the 10 years I travelled around the world working as a tour guide. For example, in China I saw how acupuncture was used in hospitals, in Australia I was introduced to Bowen and in Mexico I learnt about different massage techniques. It was not until I heard about Biotherapy that I knew the search for THAT special treatment was finally over.

It is now more than seven years since I first came across Biotherapy on a television programme called “Paul McKenna Paranormal World”. I was totally amazed at what I saw. It showed how two famous therapists from Ireland, Michael O´Doherthy and Tom Griffin, were treating patients by balancing their energy but without ever physically touching them.

Biotherapy (also called Plexus Bio Energy in Ireland) is an amazing healing technique that works on rebalancing the life-force energy we all have in and around the body. The therapist scans the energy field and immediately feels the imbalances as a tingling sensation and cold or heat in their hands. They then proceeded to remove blocked and add new energy to the body by using gentle hand movements. It was a technique I had never seen before, simple, elegant and very effective.

I decided that I had to learn this unique treatment and then introduce it in my home country of Denmark. I packed my suitcase and moved to the beautiful little town of Ennis located on the West Coast of Ireland. It was here Michael and Tom had their Plexus Bio Energy Institute and I trained with them during my year long stay. Ireland is an amazing place to live and study therapy as there is a very strong healing energy which is also felt in the Biotherapy treatment.

I experienced exceptional results in the treatment of a wide range of conditions in short timescales often with cases that had proved difficult to treat by conventional means alone. It was interesting to see patients from all walks of life and come in for treatment, nuns, farmers, athletes and mums with small children for example. A diversity of conditions were treated during the 30 minute sessions over 4 consecutive days.

The creator of Biotherapy is the renowned healer Zdenko Domancic from Croatia in the former Yugoslavia. He first became interested in bio energy through martial arts and then started studying healing methods from all over the world. This led him to develop the unique treatment today known as Biotherapy.

Biotherapy was rigorously tested by doctors in Zagreb and scientifically proven. In the experiment Zdenko Domancic treated 35 patients with Gangrene and obtained fantastic results.

Dr. Josip Cicek, MD and specialist in internal medicine witnessed the capabilities of Zdenko Domanicic and later said:
"According to all medical knowledge as well as that of the doctor, Rudoff Paulisa should have been dead within 48 hours, and yet he is not only alive, but is even recovering. No, this is practically impossible to believe. Had anyone told me, I would not have believed him! Either what I have been taught for decades is wrong or else Zdenko Domancic has performed a miracle."

A dream I have had for many years finally came true this spring when I went to the beautiful mountains of Slovenia. At the alpine resort of Kranska Gora I did finally meet and train with the famous healer himself. It was interesting to see how his methodology was very different to the Irish Biotherapy – the biggest difference being that a healing session only lasted for 10 minutes a day over a 4 days period and there was a specific treatment for each condition.

For 30 years Domancic has been famous for his clinics where he treats over a hundred patients each week coming from all over central Europe. All of them seriously ill with leukaemia, epilepsy, brain damage, Gangrene as examples.
I experienced one of those clinics in Kranska Gora. It was fascinating to see how patients sat for hours waiting patiently for a few minutes of special treatment from a great healer. It was especially interesting to see him treat Gangrene patients for which he is so famous for. There was a very strong energy in the whole clinic that could be felt by everybody present. The many hours of Biotherapy was conducted in an unusually relaxed atmosphere with music, cheerful conversation and children playing in the middle of it all.

See video clips of Zdenko Domancic on: www.healingbioenergy.com
The results of Biotherapy never cease to amaze me. There is no doubt in my mind that Biotherapy will be one of the top methods of alternative treatment in the future.
Learn the simple energy techniques and you can start miracles…

Charlotte Jakobsen Biotherapist Denmark

For more information on BioTherapy:
Charlotte Jakobsen www.biotherapy.dk
Great Britain/Ireland
Plexus Bio Energy Institute www.plexusbio-energy.com
Csongor Daniel www.csongordaniel.com

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