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PureCalma - online wellbeing magazine
February 2015

Welcome to PureCalma!

PureCalma collates a broad range of knowledge in the holistic, fitness and wellbeing field presenting it in an easy to understand and personal format.

If you too have a passion to search out complementary ways to re-energise your body and distance yourself from everyday stresses you have come to the right place.

Take the time, relax and explore the site that is PureCalma. Enjoy...

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Latest Web Interviews
Facial Reflexology...
Facial Reflexology
with Kim Rusten

"The primary aim of facial reflexology is stimulation of the body to invoke healing..."

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with Karin Hagberg

"Pilates and yoga are very complimentary practises, yet they are also very different. Pilates works the entire body and focuses on six principles – concentration, control, centring, breathing, flow, and precision..."

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Latest Articles
How to Get Beautiful Glowing Skin... How to Get Beautiful Glowing Skin
by Jackie Parker

"Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to skin care and recognises that the skin is not separate from the rest of the body. Ayurvedic skin care not only treats the skin, but treats the whole body and the whole person."

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Meridian Flower Essences... Meridian Flower Essences
by Mary Meadows

"It was quite a rude shock to learn that an acre of lavender plants produces only eight litres of essential oil."

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End 'what-if' Thinking... Live Your Life Your Way
by Denise Marek

"Taking small steps is beneficial; doing so can help fend off feelings of being overwhelmed and frightened about making change."

Read More

When your Sleep is not Deep... When your Sleep is not Deep
by Su-lin Sze

"Lifestyle choices have a large impact on sleep.
Try to keep regular work hours and avoid working into the night, which can stimulate production of stress hormones keeping you on the alert.

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Gluten Free Bread...

Gluten Free Bread

Banana & Carob Chip Muffins...

Banana & Carob Chip Muffins

Green Smoothies...

Green Smoothies

Polenta Slice...

Polenta Slice

Raw Nacho Cheese...

Raw Nacho Cheese

Raw Juices for Vibrant Health...

Raw Juices for Vibrant Health

Strawberry Cheesecake...

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

Banana-Berry Stress busting smoothie...

Banana-Berry Stress Busting Smoothie



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